Hengel 4 Door Roll In Retarder Prover #23RP04

$18,000.00 +GST (Ex-Factory)

***This Retarder Prover is in stock on our showroom floor, ready for immediate despatch***


4 Door Hengel Roll In Retarder Prover

Item Code: 23RP04

4 Door Hengel Roll In Retarder Prover with individual chambers allowing for different products in each chamber,
different bake times for each chamber. The unit fits flat on the floor so no ramps. It is ex Supermarket, takes the standard Bakers rack.

Racks are an extra cost.

Power: 3 Phase, 5 pin, 20 amp plug.
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BUY NOW PRICE $18,000 + GST (Ex-Factory)