Hot Cross Bun Piping Mix Recipe

Category: Bakery Recipes

Hot Cross Buns are a much-loved staple of Easter baking. This traditional recipe makes a delicious classic hot cross bun piping mix every time.
This recipe makes approximately 4.1kg of piping mix. This hot cross bun piping mixture will stand all day.


  • 1.453kg (1lb) General Purpose Bread Shortening
  • 2.672kg (5lb 15oz) Water
  • 1.113kg (2lb 4oz) Sugar
  • 907g (2lb) High-Ratio Cake Flour


  • Bring shortening, sugar, and 1.113kg (2lb 4oz) of water to boil.
  • Gradually mix in the flour and continue mixing until fully combined and forms a clear paste.
  • At the highest speed gradually add the remaining water until the paste is a thin piping consistency

Use less or extra water in the final step to fine-tune the consistency of the mixture for piping.