Benefits of Teflon Coated Bakeware

Our owner and baker John De Visser has been a long-time supporter of non-stick bakeware and oil-free baking and all the benefits it can offer large and small bakeries. With years of fine-tuning design and innovations in the manufacturing process, the benefits of Teflon coated bakeware has never been more clear.

Easy Cleaning

When you switch to non-stick bakeware, cleaning up becomes a breeze. Because you don’t need oil or fats to grease your tins and trays you don’t have to clean that greasy residue off. The powerful non-stick properties of Teflon mean with a gentle wash and wipe they’re immediately clean and ready to use again. Premium Teflon coatings are also hardy and designed to last with constant use. Cheap coatings can be thinner and wear down more quickly, giving Teflon bakeware a bad name, but quality commercial-grade products will easily handle daily wear and tear for years to come.

No More Yellow Staining & Longer Lasting Equipment

Have you ever walked into a bakery and felt as if you’re seeing everything through a yellow filter? That unpleasant colour comes from the continuous use of spray oil. While spray oil might seem like a convenient solution to grease your tins and trays quickly and easily it comes with many hidden costs.

Spray oil gets everywhere in your bakery leaving a greasy film on every surface that catches dust, dirt, flour and more. Everything becomes harder to clean and needs to be cleaned more regularly in order to maintain a clean and hygienic space. But worst of all, spray oil can get into your bakery equipment.

One of the biggest causes of equipment failure we encounter at ABES is spray oil. On its own oil can gum up gears and other moving parts causing machines to seize up. When the oil mixes with flour it can do even more damage. Water and flour make glue, but oil and flour make super glue. When this sticky mess gets into your equipment it can be incredibly difficult to clean up and repair the damage, often needing the machine to be completely stripped and rebuilt.

Healthier & More Consistent Baking

When you switch to Teflon coated bakeware you immediately reduce the amount of oil in everything you bake. Teflon coating with a soft-edged design will ensure easy release of product from the tin every time. Removing the oil also makes consistent baking easy, so you’ll never have to worry if you’ve added the right amount of oil. Too much oil or fat can leave a greasy or soggy finish to your product, not enough and you’re left with ragged edges and an unprofessional look. And an uneven application can leave you with the worst of both worlds.

Safe & Stable Modern Teflon

In the past, people have been concerned about the safety of Teflon in bakeware. This worry came from how Teflon was made. Over 10 years ago now, part of the manufacturing process of Teflon used Perfluorooctanoic acid or PFOA. In the early 2000s, it was found that with repeated heating and cooling PFOA could leech into food. Ingesting PFOA is dangerous and so manufacturers and regulators around the globe agreed to ban the use of PFOA in the production of non-stick cookware. Now that Teflon is made without this chemical it is safe to use in cooking and baking.

That being said you shouldn’t burn in Teflon coated tins. For everyday baking Teflon is completely safe but if heated to temperatures over 350°C for long periods of time it can begin to break down. This damages the coating and significantly reduces the life of your bakeware and can release fumes that if inhaled in large quantities can cause a temporary flu-like illness. To avoid this all together it’s important to choose Teflon coated bakeware that won’t need to be burnt in.

The whole point of burning in tins is to take a shine out of the sides of new tins for a more consistent bake. Removing the shine stops the heat from reflecting and bouncing around in the oven creating uneven hot and cold spots. Look for tins that have a heat resistant coating; a black heat paint is best, but a dulled matt finish to the metal will still help create a more even bake without needing to burn them in.

Save Money Now & In The Long Term

Did you know the average bakery spends upwards of $60 a week on spray oils and single-use baking sheets? That’s over $3000 a year that could be going back into your pockets. Heavy-duty Teflon coated bakeware will also last longer than other tins and trays. Teflon’s non-stick, chemically inactive, and heat resistant properties all come together to prevent wear and tear. Teflon coatings won’t stain or discolour with time and damage caused by burnt on food is greatly reduced.

The longer life span of Teflon coated tins is particularly noticeable in bread tins. Because the loaves easily release from the tin there is no need to tap the tin on the bench to release the bread. Those little taps add up over time and can seriously deform your tins. Depending on how much bread you make and how much it sticks, this can seriously reduce the lifespan of the tins, forcing you to buy more tins more regularly.

Efficiently Use Your Time & Space

Not only can Teflon coated bakeware save you money, it can also help save time and space in your bakery. Space is a valuable resource in any kitchen, and your staff’s time shouldn’t be wasted. Teflon coated flat perforated trays are an ideal time and space saving solution. These trays can easily go from oven to display cabinet, and their light-weight and slim profile makes it simple to manoeuvre and store them.

With these versatile trays serving two functions, you can greatly reduce the number of oven trays and wires needed in your bakery. You can also fit 10 of our Teflon coated flat perforated trays in the space of just one cooling wire, saving you even more space. Don’t waste time moving products from oven trays to display wires, just put them straight into the cabinet. The perforated design compared to wires significantly reduces the amount of crumbs falling to the bottom of the cabinet, saving you time on clean up as well.

Teflon Coated Bakeware from ABES

Here at Australian Bakery Equipment Supplies, we sell a wide range of bakeware and baking accessories. If you’re looking to upgrade to non-stick tins and trays choose from our premium Teflon coated bakeware. Still want to learn more? Contact us to discuss how our range of Teflon coated bakeware can help improve your bakery.