Identifying Your Bun Divider Rounding Plate Size

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When it comes to buying new or spare plates for your bun divider rounder the most important thing is knowing the size and type of plate your machine uses. Every bun divider rounder is different and not just any rounding plate will fit. At first, to the untrained eye, it can seem difficult to identify the differences between plates. That is why we’ve put together this easy guide to help make identifying your bun diver rounding plate size a breeze.

First, you’ll need one of your existing bun divider rounding plates. You may note a number or code stamped on your plate by the handle. This code can be a size number or a product code for the manufacturer. This code is a great place to start but depending on where the plates came from and who you’re ordering the new ones from it might not be very helpful. This number can also wear away with years of use. That is why we are going to show you how to get your plate size without needing that number. 

Bun Divider Rounder Plate Size Guide

Grab a measuring tape and measure the length and width of the plate. Don’t worry about the specific shape just make sure you are measuring the widest part of the bun divider rounding plate. 

Measure your divider rounding plate

Now measure the diameter of the pinhole. But what do you do if your plate is damaged, or the pinhole is significantly worn? Just measure the diameter of the pin itself on your bun divider rounder, it’s that simple.

Measure the bun divider rounder plate pinhole

Next, take a measurement of the length of the plate from the centre of the pinhole.

Measure the length of the plate from the pin hole

Now we need to note the orientation of the plate. Look at the centre rounding moulds, they will be arranged in a diamond or a square parallel to the handle.

Check the orientation of the moulds

And that’s it! You can use these measurements to find exactly which plate to order. And when you order from Australian Bakery Equipment Supplies it’s even easier. Just send us all these measurements and we’ll match them to the correct size bun divider rounding plate for you. Even if it’s a non-standard size we can arrange to have plates for your machine custom made.

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