Pani Clima Roll in Rack Retarder Prover #22RP07

$20,890.00 +GST (Ex-Factory)


Pan Clima Roll in Rack Retarder Prover
Product Features
  • Accommodates racks W 520mm x D 750mm x H 1835mm
  • Suitable for trays 457mm x 735mm
  • Fitted with Ultrasonic Humidification system for perfect humidity control
  • Programmable 24 / 48 hour operation, with stepped recovery stages
  • Single button manual operation, easy to use controls at located at eye height
  • Internal bump bars in stainless steel with interior light fitted as standard
  • High density insulated panels with PVC coating
  • Full stainless steel construction, including insulated floor
  • Swing door with fixed glass panel
  • Single button manual operation
  • Roof mounted Tropicalised refrigeration unit
  • Minimum ceiling height: 2820mm
  • RO Water System required
  • Supplied fully assembled


W: 730mm D: 1020mm H: 2420mm

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