Oval Pie Tray



Oval self-cutting pie tray. Lunch-sized oval pies, approximately 180g volume per tin. O2 and NZ size tins.

Available with Panglze or Teflon finish. Variety of tray sizes to suit a range of ovens.

TrayCodeTin LayoutTray Size
16 Inch O2 Oval Pie TrayO2-20-164 x 5406mm x 655mm
18 Inch 20 Tin O2 Oval Pie TrayO2-20-184 x 5457mm x 655mm
18 Inch 24 Tin O2 Oval Pie TrayO2-24-184 x 6457mm x 785mm
16 Inch NZ Oval Pie TrayNZO-21-163 x 7406mm x 752mm
18 Inch 20 Tin NZ Oval Pie TrayNZO-20-184 x 5457mm x 665mm
Euronorm NZ Pie TrayNZO-15-EU3 x 540mm x 600mm

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Additional information

Tin Size

O2, NZ

Tray Size

16 Inch, 18 Inch/20 Tin, 18 Inch/24 Tin, Euronorm


Panglaze, Teflon