Oblong Pie Tin


Individual oblong self-cutting pie tins. Lunch and party sizes, approximately 180g and 56g volume options.

Uncoated, aluminised steel.

OL Traveller Dimensions:

  • A 170mm x 70mm
  • B 158mm x 58mm
  • C 146mm x 44mm
  • D 22mm
  • E 17mm
  • Volume 180g

O1 Dimensions:

  • A 84mm x 126mm
  • B 74mm x 116 mm
  • C 64mm x 104mm
  • D 28mm
  • E 24mm
  • Volume 180g

O3 Dimensions:

  • A 54mm x 70mm
  • B 48mm x 63mm
  • C 38mm x 54mm
  • D 24mm
  • E 21mm
  • Volume 56g

Various size and arrangement pie trays are also available.

Can’t see what you’re looking for? No worries, contact us with exactly what you need and our team can help source them.

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OL Traveller, O1, O3

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