MIWE Condo 4 Deck with Prover #23SHD03

$24,000.00 +GST (Ex-Factory)

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MIWE Condo CO.4.1208 Electric Oven with Proofing Cabinet

Item Code: 23SHDO3

Baking Chambers are 4
Built-in underframe proofing cabinet. Will hold 10 Trays.
All-rounder oven for everything from delicate pastries to classic oven-baked rolls, and heavy bread varieties or roasts.
Steam Hood Height 19

Comes with Stone

Serial Number 75 925
Oven Baking Chamber: 1200mm W x 800mm D x 170mm H.
10x tray proofing cabinet

This oven can fit through a normal size door opening as it can be pulled apart to fit.   The decks can also be easily removed depending on how many decks you require.

Power: 3/N/PE- 400V/230V – 50Hz – 41kW. 57 amps per phase.
Total Dimensions: 1500mm W x 1610mm D x 2050mm H.

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