Lunch Pie Tray


Round self-cutting lunch pie tray. Range of tins includes R1, R1WF, R2, R2WF, R7, P1, P3, P5 and RB.

Available with Panglze or Teflon finish. Variety of tray sizes to suit any oven.

TrayCodeTin LayoutTray Size
16 Inch R1 Lunch Pie TrayR1-21-163 x 7406mm x 752mm
18 Inch R1 Lunch Pie TrayR1-28-184 x 7457mm x 750mm
Gastronorm R1 Lunch Pie TrayR1-15-GN3 x 5530mm x 325mm
16 Inch R1WF Lunch Pie TrayR1WF-18-163 x 6406mm x 655mm
18 Inch R1WF Lunch Pie TrayR1WF-24-184 x 6457mm x 665mm
Euronorm R1WF Lunch Pie TrayR1WF-15-EU3 x 5400mm x 600mm
16 Inch R2 Lunch Pie TrayR2-21-163 x 7406mm x 755mm
18 Inch R2 Lunch Pie TrayR2-28-184 x 7457mm x 758mm
Gastronorm R2 Lunch Pie TrayR2-15-GN3 x 5530mm x 325mm
16 Inch R2WF Lunch Pie TrayR2WF-18-163 x 6406mm x 680mm
18 Inch R2WF Lunch Pie TrayR2WF-24-184 x 6457mm x 680mm
16 Inch R7 Lunch Pie TrayR7-18-163 x 6406mm x 689mm
18 Inch R7 Lunch Pie TrayR7-24-184 x 6457mm x 697mm
16 Inch P1 Lunch Pie TrayP1-18-163 x 6406mm x 685mm
18 Inch P1 Lunch Pie TrayP1-24-184 x 6457mm x 685mm
16 Inch P3 Lunch Pie TrayP3-18-163 x 6406mm x 685mm
18 Inch P3 Lunch Pie TrayP3-24-184 x 6457mm x 695mm
16 Inch P5 Lunch Pie TrayP5-21-163 x 7406mm x 750mm
18 Inch P5 Lunch Pie TrayP5-28-184 x 7457mm x 750mm
16 Inch RB Lunch Pie TrayRB-18-163 x 6406mm x 760mm
18 Inch RB Lunch Pie TrayRB-18-183 x 6457mm x 760mm

Can’t see what you’re looking for? No worries, contact us with exactly what you need and our team can help source them.

Additional information

Weight 10 kg
Dimensions 80 × 70 × 10 cm
Tin Size

R1, R1WF, R2, R2WF, R7, P1, P3, P5, RB

Tray Size

16 Inch, 18 Inch, Euronorm, Gastronorm


Panglaze, Teflon

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