Daub Hydraulic Robotrad S Dough Divider #23D01

$17,900.00 +GST (Ex-Factory)

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Daub Robocut S D20  Square Chamber Dough Divider

Item Code: 23D01

  • Comes with extr grid
  • White Divider blocks push out for easy cleaning
  • 20kg dough capacity
  • Square dividing chamber with 20 piece convectional hydraulic dough divider
  • Swing over grid for artisan dough dividing
  • Grid holder is closed and locked in one simple natural movement
  • Pressing and moulding operated by joy stick
  • Removable Teflon coated top-plate and dividing disc with stainless steel dividing knife
  • Grid holder folds down completely alongside; reducing foot print when working in classic divider mode
  • Broad range of interchangeable lightweigh moulding grids
  • Choice of 22 optional grids with various long, square and triangle moulding shapes
  • Heavy duty construction

Power:  415v, 3P+N+E, 50Hz, 1.6Kw

Weight:  365kgs

Dimensions: W: 760mm D: 660mm H: 1760mm

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