Ovens Sveba Dahlen Flexismart

Flexismart – Combination Oven

The Flexismart is built up with genuine Sveba-Dahlen quality approved units. These units can easily be combined into flexible bakery stations adapted to the capacity and products that are going to be produced. More information about the different units can be found in the product folders.

Seveba Dahlen Flexismart Combination Oven

Features and Benefits

  • Improves flexibility in the bakery.Specially for smaller bakeries and shops.
  • Four well known options. Gives the baker the best of all sides.
  • Gives unique possibilities to custom design the oven. The Flexismart is adaptable to all different types of products and baking.
  • Sveba-Dahlen’s programmable panels. Easy to understand, handle and operate.
  • Stainless steel interior and exterior. Easy to keep clean.
  • Well insulated. Low energy consumption.



  • Extra rack – S200 can be equipped with 4, 5 or 6 girders
  • Canopy with extraction fan
  • Condensation unit
  • Frequency converter for fans
  • Left hand hinged door

Deck Oven

  • Built-in steam generator (1.8 kW)
  • Cement sole
  • D1+ programmable panel
  • High temp. execution (400°C)
  • Stainless steel baking chamber


  • Humidity sensor


When the total height is worked out, an intermediate section over the top DC oven (H = 110 mm) and a bottom section under the lowest DC oven (H = 115) should also be counted. The castors height must also be counted (H = 135 mm). Recommended maximum height is 2400 mm based on best
working ergonomy.

Assembly kit:

When buying a Flexismart oven you are required to also buy an assembly kit for proper installation. This includes reinforced top, FS canopy and stainless steel distance.

The Flexismart parts:

  • Condensating unit on top of the oven
  • S200 rack oven – A small oven with the efficiency and flexibility of a large oven. S200 has a built-in steam system. IBS and the easy-to-use SD Touch.
  • Classic deck oven is available in two different widths 1075 and 2020 mm and two heights, 340/400mm (outside dimension). The width depends on if the oven should hold one or two ovens. The deck height depends on what product should be baked and also the total height of the Flexismart.
  • Classic prover – like the deck oven the prover is avalible in two widths and two heights – 560 mm or 740 mm. The prover have glass doors, interior light and practical tray holders as standard. Automatic water feed standard.

Download Sveba Dahlen Flexismart Combination Oven – Page 52 – 53

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